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    Tahir’s Got Talents

    by  • December 19, 2013 • Features • 0 Comments

    Tahir Singing

    by LAURA FRENCH For Tahir Coleman Register, his road to becoming a one-man talent show all began with some inspiration from a certain musical icon. “I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer. Michael Jackson is the reason why. I mean, I was addicted. I still am – God rest his soul – addicted to Michael Jackson,”...

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    Filmmaker Alex Rivera visits Ramapo College

    by  • November 7, 2013 • News, Uncategorized • 0 Comments


    By LAURA FRENCH, JASMINE DURSUN and RYAN McGRATH Advancements in technology and the immigration experience will help to shape the future of American society, an award-winning filmmaker told Ramapo students on Nov. 7. Alex Rivera is a recipient of the Schomburg Award,  which recognizes successful scholars who demonstrate awareness of diversity and minority issues through artistic expression....

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    Thin-obssessed fashion industry poses challenge for plus-size women

    by  • October 24, 2013 • Features • 2 Comments

    Fashion to Figure is a store that specializes in plus-size women's clothing. The mannequins in this store are a size 1X.

    By LAURA FRENCH Whether they prefer to be called curvy, full-figured, or simply “normal,” plus-size women say they still face unique challenges in the fashion industry. Difficulty shopping and lack of representation in the media are two of the problems plus-size women face in a “straight-size” world. However, with increasing numbers of people identifying as plus-size...

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    NJ students celebrate Queer History Month amid same-sex marriage controversy

    by  • October 17, 2013 • News • 2 Comments


    By LAURA FRENCH As political figures in New Jersey battle over same-sex marriage legislation, students at Ramapo College celebrate the LGBTQ community through Queer History Month programming. Queer History Month, usually referred to as LGBT History Month, is annually observed in October in the United States, and arrives this year just as controversial same-sex marriage proposals...

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    “Not out to sting you” – Ramapo students bring beekeeping to campus

    by  • October 9, 2013 • News • 4 Comments

    photo 4

    By LAURA FRENCH Ramapo students seek to raise awareness about bees through an upcoming beekeeping club on campus. The new club, which held an interest meeting in late September, will engage students in the process of raising and managing a live bee population. “I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for students to interact with another species,...

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    New Apple, Nintendo Technology Sparks Consumer Reaction

    by  • October 2, 2013 • News • 3 Comments

    The iPhone 5S has a larger screen and sleeker design than previous versions of the phone. PHOTO/Apple.com

    By JESSICA WRIXON, SELAJDIN POLISI, ADRIAH ROLLING, and LAURA FRENCH Leading technology companies, Apple and Nintendo, are releasing new portable and more practical technologies this fall that have been sparking mixed reactions from consumers. With the recent debut of Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iOS7 software, as well as Nintendo’s announcement of the upcoming 2DS...

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    Ramapo Awaits Implementation of Reinstated “Diversity Goal”

    by  • September 18, 2013 • News • 1 Comment

    Last Spring, students gathered in front of Ramapo’s Birch Mansion, home to the President’s office, in support of keeping the “the diversity goal” in the school’s strategic plan. Photo Credit: Allison Cabot

    By LAURA FRENCH As Ramapo College begins the Fall semester with a new strategic plan, students and faculty anticipate how the reinstated “diversity goal” will bring about change and awareness on campus. The Strategic Plan Task Force reinstated the diversity goal after the small New Jersey college saw petition and protest against its omission. The...

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    Sudden Thunderstorm Hits Ramapo Campus

    by  • September 12, 2013 • News • 0 Comments

    Campus lake overflowing PHOTO/Kevin Seabrook

    By LAURA FRENCH, RYAN McGRATH and KELLY MOELLER A sudden downpour drenched Ramapo College Sept. 12, causing leaks in the academic buildings, offices and traffic delays for commuting faculty and students. Flashes of lightning and deafening thunder accompanied the rainstorm, which lasted less than an hour between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m.  Traffic reports indicate that a motor...

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