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    I'M SHMACKED LOGO - http://imshmacked.com/usa/

    BY JESSICA WRIXON A popular college tour called I’M SHMACKED has recently had students jumping for joy and parents covering their eyes. Making news headlines in the past, I’M SHMACKED has been uncovering the fun and excitement of partying at the top universities in the country, and its controversial content has people wondering if this is...

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    Filmmaker Alex Rivera visits Ramapo College

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    By LAURA FRENCH, JASMINE DURSUN and RYAN McGRATH Advancements in technology and the immigration experience will help to shape the future of American society, an award-winning filmmaker told Ramapo students on Nov. 7. Alex Rivera is a recipient of the Schomburg Award,  which recognizes successful scholars who demonstrate awareness of diversity and minority issues through artistic expression....

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    Nation Feels Impact of Government Shutdown

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    Liberty Island is open to the public again.

    By KELLY MOELLER, JOSH SCHWARZ and JASMINE DURSUN Since the last United States Government shutdown ended early in 1996, our ‘leaders’ on Capitol Hill have warned the nation plenty of times that it could happen again. It just so happens that they weren’t bluffing. On Oct. 1 of this year, the government shut itself down and...

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    2013 NJ Senator Election

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    Booker and Lonegan during a debate PHOTO/northjersey.com

    By JESSICA WRIXON On Oct. 16, Democrat Cory Booker, ex-mayor of Newark, was elected the new senator of New Jersey, winning by a mere 10 percent against Steve Lonegan, the Republican mayor of small town Bogota. After votes were tallied on Monday evening, the results showed that Booker won the election, gaining 55 percent of votes when Lonegan...

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    Government Shutdown Gone Mad!

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    Government Shutdown 2013// PHOTO by Google

    By ADRIAH ROLLING On October 1st, 2013, the partial government shutdown causing many people to be affected by lack of assistance, insurance, and government services. This shutdown has caused chaos government parks and services that federal agencies provide in the country and around the world. The government closed because Congress must pass the Federal Budget which has to be agreed upon...

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    Can the FIV Virus be the Cure For HIV?

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    A recent discovery of proteins in cat AIDS may be the first step towards finding a cure for HIV. In a recent study published in the Journal of Virology, a cat AIDS (FIV) virus protein was found to trigger an effective immune response in blood from HIV-infected humans.  According to the researchers from a host of...

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    NBA Season Preview

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    Anthony and Lopez will go head to head 4 times this season. Photo: SBNation

    The NBA season is just about upon us and New York football fans are probably already dying to watch another sport. Thankfully for Giants and Jets fans, both of the local basketball teams are expected to be good and possibly even compete for a championship. The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are set...

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    Google Glass Defined

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    By BLAKE CORRAO, DOUGLAS DEPREKER and NICOLE NIGRO With no clear release date in site as Google continue to delay until 2014, consumers all around the world are anxious to hear about what promises to be the first step towards the future of smart technology: the Google Glass.   Google Glass is a new hands-free operating system...

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    Students Say “No” To iOS 7

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    The control center makes it easier to access useful applications.

    By AMANDA SICILIANO The iOS 7 update brings a whole new design into view, changing the way Apple products will be used, but some users are not impressed. A control center brings easy access to convenient apps such as Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, brightness, and even an added flashlight feature. The camera application now has a ‘square’ option,...

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    ‘Homeland’ returns for a third season

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    Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison

    By JOSH SCHWARZ Showtime’s hit series Homeland returns for a third season this fall and fans are anxious to see what the award-winning show has in store. Based on terrorism plots and government conspiracies, Homeland premiers its third season on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET. With just two seasons in the books, audiences everywhere are raving about the...

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