• Comedian Brings Laughter to TNL at Ramapo College

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    The comedian’s sketch ran for about an hour and a half, but kept the student audience engaged with bits on relatable topics such as relationships, dating and majors.

    Comic Chris James performs at Ramapo’s Tuesday Night Live. PHOTO/Tom Davis.

    Comic Chris James packed Friends Hall on Feb.5 at a “Tuesday Night Live” sponsored by the College Programming Board. “Tuesday Night Live” has welcomed many artists such as mentalist Jonny Zavant, musician Zack Lockwood, and comedian Ace Guillen. This Tuesday especially seemed to draw in many students.

    “I think it was one of the best turnouts we have had for a Tuesday Night Live,” said Geneva Gamblin, member of CPB. James’, who is British, nailed Obama impersonations,

    “The most appealing part about doing standup at a small college like this is the engagement that I felt. This crowd was much more intimate and seemed to care about what I had to say,” James said.

    James’ style of comedy is a particular genre that relates to the audience and becomes very interactive in a way that allows the group to feel more involved.

    While standing on that stage, I found that I was testing the boundaries of a new generation. I felt very positive feedback, which allowed me to be comfortable with the students,” James said.

    Tuesday Night left no one leaving shy and dissatisfied. James was full of high energy, impressions; laugh out loud stories and lessons learned. He has traveled through Africa and now resides in Los Angeles, Calif.

    “He came across very personable with a true passion for his craft,” senior Stephen DePaul said.

    “Before we chose him for TNL, I was not familiar with his work, but after speaking with him and watching videos of him I would definitely recommend him to everyone. He’s great,” Gamblin said.

    Students were involved by answering questions from James, related to their relationships, majors and part-time jobs.

    “I loved the comedy show. I was surprised by his accent but his impressions were so funny,” junior Kasie Chaplick said.

    James, who lived in West Africa,  spoke about moving into Brooklyn, New York for the first time where he experienced the frank, elicit street life of thugs who called him out as being “black but not black black” due to his British accent.

    “I thought tonight’s performance was hilarious and Chris James’ jokes were right on the ball. My favorite part was his impression of Obama as well as his stories living in West Africa,” junior Kristen Manhart said. “I have heard of Chris James before and I would recommend him to people who want a good laugh.”

    He has opened for world renowned actors and comedians such as Wayans Brothers, Godfrey and Margaret Cho, and does stand up throughout the West Coast.

    “I think Chris James is very talented and I would like to see more of his standup. It was awesome to see a young comedian seem so confident in front of a college audience,” said sophomore Nichole Vreeland.

    Look out for more upcoming Tuesday Night Live events, sponsored by CPB, every other Tuesday night.


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    1. Mike Montalto
      February 18, 2013 at 3:55 pm

      It seems like Tuesday Night Live at Ramapo would have been a lot of fun this week. You used a lot of secondary sources to really get the reader to feel how much the students who attended really enjoyed Jame’s stand up. Im sure that students who attended would also be deligted to read the feedback that you got from James on how much he enjoyed his stand up act at Ramapo as well.

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