• Where is Ramapo Men’s Lacrosse?

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    Members of the Ramapo Men’s Lacrosse Club are looking to establish an official team.

    Although considered a club team, the players have actually been included into a league with a full schedule of opponents. The National College Lacrosse League(NCLL) met with some of the players interested in starting this team and gave them a shot. Not only were theygiven the opportunity to compete with college level teams in the NCLL, they were given $5,000 to purchase equipment, jerseys, and

    Men’s Lacrosse. PHOTO/roanokecollege/Flickr.com

    more for the upcoming season. Thorogood, 20, Ramapo College student is a current player of the Ramapo Men’s Lacrosse Club team and has high hopes that they can become a divisional team. In order to gain recognition to become an actual team, players must attend regular practices, and meetings.“Personally I’m new to the game of lacrosse as of like last year but when I heard they were starting up a team I wanted in,” Thorogood said. “You actually see kids all the time, I’m not sure what level they are, but they are young kids playing lacrosse on our north field and I always wondered why there wasn’t a men’s team here.”

    History of the Men’s Lacrosse Club

    The Men’s Lacrosse Club formed when just last spring in 2012. They talked about starting up and really actually did it. Players on this team all vary in experience. Many players have played for many years, while other players are brand new to the game and this team welcomes that. Practices take place about four times a week in either the auxiliary gym here at Ramapo College, in north field, or on the turf field. The team is currently coached by the captain of the team, Dean Mitchell, and also by co-captains. They are hoping to begin their season this spring semester, if all goes as planned.

    Mahwah High School is a known team in this area for their good lacrosse, always putting up a good fight against powerhouse teams such as Glen Rock, Sparta, Montville, etc. But with such a good breed of talent right around the corner, a men’s team should be installed and it seems like they are on their way.

    To become a full-fledged team here at Ramapo, the men’s lacrosse team must be able to complete the team first. This means a coaching staff, full uniforms, and full roster must be intact. After this phase they can now begin to play. Of course not every team can win, so winning wouldn’t be everything for this team, but they must be able to compete with the competition.

    Ramapo Womens Lacrosse had their inaugural season in 2007-2008. They began the same way most teams do, and the way the men’s club team is currently starting. Meetings with divisional leaders, gaining a coaching staff are all things that must take place and the women’s team was in the same position.

    Considering the current success of the Women’s Lacrosse team here at Ramapo College, the Men’s team certainly hopes to stand strong and show this school that they can be a full-fledged team.

    “It’s an interesting and kind of tough process to be honest,” Brad Hensley, player on the club team said. “But I am with it 100% no matter what happens. I know the rest of the guys on this team are fighting hard to make it an official team and ill continue to do the same.”

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      The overall story seems okay, pretty informative and thorough of the situation. I don’t know much about sports so I’m gonna take your word on most of this stuff, but like I said overall seems relatively good.

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