• Ramapo Lacrosse Club Seeks Funds

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    The Ramapo Men’s Lacrosse club is looking to finally become one of the school’s competitive teams. The only problem is the team is scarping by with the funding they have been given.

    The group has been practicing since fall now, and as the weather gets nicer there are more practices being held.

    “We hope to be a Division III team at Ramapo College within the next few years”, said Tom Boswick, a Ramapo student and co-captain of the lacrosse club, in regards to the possibility of getting proper funding.

    The club, which is not an intramural sport, believes that the school has not provided enough funding for even just the necessities. Members of the team have to provide their own pads, helmet and stick; all of which are not exactly cheap. Teammates are even sharing helmets and at times practicing without them.

    If funded, the club would optimistically see a sharp increase in funds to provide equipment as well as maybe a head coach, which they are also lacking.

    “We would be able to hire a coach to recruit and draw up plays and get players to come here” Boswick went on to say in an interview.

    In the meantime, the hopeful lacrosse team continues to practice and even holds scrimmages and games on and off campus. There is a full schedule against other intramural clubs such as Rowan and Monmouth. All the while they recruit on their own, stopping anyone who would show interest in playing for the school’s club.

    With constant promotion and hope that more funding will come their way, Ramapo’s intramural men’s lacrosse club continues to work towards being a legitimate school team. The season has already started with recent losses to Rowan and Monmouth.

    On Tuesday they take on Columbia’s club and over the weekend are planning a lacrosse outing, hoping to get fans and students to, “come out and barbeque, make a day out of it,” according to Boswick. With more school support and a growing club, the lacrosse club may just get their wish.

    Although no information on the club can be found on the Ramapo website, you can follow their season and schedule on Faceebok at Ramapo Lacrosse Club.

    VIDEO: See the Lacrosse Team in action:

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