• Fashion Week Trends Emphasize Back to Basics

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    Fall fashions are heading back to basics, focusing on simple and bold rather than intricate and complicated. The trick to these new trends is that they are wearable for the everyday person, allowing more people to express themselves through fashion.

    Gray and green permeated the runway as the major colors of fall this fashion week. From slate to charcoal to emerald to army, be sure to snag these colors before they fly off the shelves. Designers are also traveling back in fashion time, bringing back turtlenecks, classic patterns, and rounded shoulders. Gone are the intricate patterns from past years.

    Each year, more than $25 billion is spent on fashion and accessories in the United States, generating more than $20 billion in revenue annually. This statistic from the University of Delaware shows how prevalent fashion is in America today and why Fashion Week causes a big stir.

    Fashion Week is a seasonal event in which designers expose their new fashion trends to different buyers and to the public. This year New York Fashion Week ran from Sept. 5-12 at Lincoln Center. Harper’s Bazar’s website displayed the many different trends created by designers such as Rachel Zoe and Michael Kors.

    Kors’ indulged in the army green with many camaflouge prints as Zoe kept in simple with multiple black pieces.

    Taylor Willis of Whippany, New Jersey, 19, saw all the fashion trends unfold before her eyes this year at Fashion Week. Being a Parsons The New School for Design student in New York, Willis jumped right into the fashion styles of the city, putting her own flairs on the newest trends.

    “I dress by my mood so I just use whatever’s trendy to match how I’m feeling,” Willis said about her personal fashion style, “For example if I’m feeling preppy and girly I’ll wear a sundress and a sock bun with flats but if I’m feeling grungy I’ll wear ripped high-waist shorts and a top with shorts boots.”

    Taylor showed off her girly side in this ruffled shirt, leggings and a sock bun. PHOTO Taylor Willis

    Many other designers reintroduced leopard, plaid and pinstripes this season, classics that will never die. This season also brought back past styles with new chic twists. Shoulder pads were now rounded off, giving a more feminine look, making a new generation fall in love with this style again.

    Megan Falcone of Freehold, 20, won’t be caught dead in the fall without an oversized sweater.

    “I’ll go into a store and buy a sweater that’s an extra large even though my true size is a medium,” Falcone said of her fall style, “If any fabric is touching my armpits I won’t buy it.”

    “I actually like to wear my dad’s sweaters with cuffed jeans for kind of like a boyfriend look/style.” Willis said, going along with Falcone’s statement. Although maybe not a major fashion trend, oversized sweaters are a must-have.

    The beanie seems to be the winner in the most wearable fashion trends category. Being both practical and affordable, anyone can rock them in any style or color without breaking the bank.

    “For me, my beanie is the fall fashion trend I will take with me everywhere.” said Willis, “It completes any look I could imagine and is perfect for when I’m having a bad hair day.”

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    1. mmattia
      September 19, 2013 at 3:04 pm

      I never thought to buy a sweater in a much larger size than I wear to make a creative fashion statement. I’m definitely going to try that now!

      I’d be interested to find out who some of your interviewees’ fashion icons are.

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