• New York Giants Fans Prepare For Superbowl XLVIII

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    With summer slowly fading away and the fall season creeping in on us, there is one thing on most everybody’s minds this time of year, football! Chances are if you live in the tri-state area you are either a proud Giants fan, or a slightly embarrassed Jets fan.

    Jim Murphy’s Trailer

    According to an article on Giants.com of the five superbowls that the team has been involved in, they have only lost one of those games. But with this season’s home opener already behind us, a game that marks the true beginning of the football season for devout, local Giants fans, the excitement has shifted from the season starting, to the game that’s going to end it all; the culminating contest between what are supposedly the two best teams between the AFC and NFC. Superbowl XLVIII will be held at Met Life Stadium; the home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets.

    It can be hard to travel anywhere in the New York Metropolitan area and not find signs of a Giants fan. Take Jim Murphy for example. He has lived in northern Bergen County his entire life, never once straying from his loyalty to the team. So much so that there is a large trailer parked on the side of his house year round, painted royal blue, with the infamous NY logo emblazoned around the entire thing. But this trailer is not just for show. It is packed with televisions, tables, chairs, tents, coolers, and anything else that one could imagine would make your tailgating experience a comfortable and fun one.

    There is also a generator inside the trailer just in case you can no longer tolerate the below freezing temperatures that Murphy and several of his friends and family endure all season long. When asked about his excitement regarding the upcoming Superbowl, he replied, “In the 44 years our family has had season tickets to the Giants, the team has been part of five Superbowls, never once held in our own stadium. Out of those five superbowls, we won tickets to Superbowl XXI, the first time they appeared. I’m very grateful my dad was still alive at the time so that he could go with my mom and see his beloved Giants win the ‘big one’ in person.”

    Karen Cardinal, a self described, life-long Giants fan who grew up in an area in which traffic was never an issue for its residents, now lives in the very populated and busy tri-state area. While she is still an honored NY Giants fan, with bumper stickers proudly displayed on her car, when asked what her thoughts were on the busy, impending traffic our area is to expect, probably the worst side effect of holding one of the biggest sports events at your home stadium, the only thing she felt appropriate to respond with was,  “It’s going to drive me crazy.”

    According to the NFL’s official website, the demand for tickets to this historic game is far grater than the supply they have at their fingertips. If someone were to attempt to find tickets to the game, they are more then welcome to visit nflonlocation.com and enter into the random drawing.


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    1. jschwarz
      September 19, 2013 at 3:02 pm

      Kelly- This is a really interesting angle to the ‘Superbowl coming to the area’ story. I think talking to a fan as devoted as Murphy about how he is preparing for it was a great way to take it on. I think a great follow-up story to this would be a similar story, but from a devoted Jets fan’s point of view. You could interview him or her, and then compare to what the Giants fans said. Good job!

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