• ‘Homeland’ returns for a third season

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    Showtime’s hit series Homeland returns for a third season this fall and fans are anxious to see what the award-winning show has in store.

    Based on terrorism plots and government conspiracies, Homeland premiers its third season on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET. With just two

    Homeland returns to Showtime this fall.

    seasons in the books, audiences everywhere are raving about the characters, plot twists, and heart-pounding intensity of the Emmy-winning drama. The relationships between characters on opposing sides, the revealing of mind-blowing plot twists, and weekly cliffhangers have fans addicted and itching for more.

    “I’ve never seen a show that made me so excited and nervous at the same time,” said Homeland fanatic Ally Davidson. “I think it actually might be impossible to watch the first couple of episodes of Homeland and not become completely obsessed with it.”

    Homeland earned garnered criticism after a second season that did not quite live up to expectations of some. The second season focused a little more on character development and relationships which some said took away from what made the first season so successful.

    Despite what some of the critics said, the second season of Homeland recorded huge growth rates in viewership from the first season to the second. According to GetGlue, a social networking website for television fans, Homeland increased its number of views by 333 percent, nearly quadrupling its numbers from the season one premier.

    “I loved the second season, “Davidson said. “I think some people were critical because the first season was so unique and so epic that there was no way the next one could compare, but I still really enjoyed it.”

    The ‘behind the scenes’ look at terrorism that Homeland offers can be controversial at times. The series suggests some major links exist between terrorist groups and specific government agencies such as the CIA.

    Homeland may possess the power to alter people’s views on real-life terrorism, according to fans of the series.

    “It definitely gets you thinking a little differently,” said Lara Finke, a political science major and Homeland enthusiast. “When I see things in the news, like a country possessing nuclear weapons, I can’t help but to look at what role our own government might play in it and whether the media is really telling us like it is. After watching Homeland, it’s basically impossible to trust what you’re seeing on the surface.”

    Claire Danes as Carrie Mathison

    Homeland’s producers go a long way to ensure that the series brings the most realistic representation of terrorism today.

    In fact, a representative from Homeland recently told The Hollywood Reporter that scenes being shot in Tel Aviv, Israel were moved to Morocco amidst talk of a possible U.S. air strike on the middle east. The military action was to be in response to the escalation of concern over the Syrian crisis.

    Homeland propels Claire Danes to stardom

    The writing and production are keys to Homeland’s success, as is the acting. The main character, CIA agent Carrie Mathison, is played by actress Claire Danes.

    Danes, for her performance in Homeland, has won back-to-back Golden Globes Awards for best performing actress in a TV series, a 2013 Screen Actors Guild Award for outstanding female actor in a drama series, and most recently earned back-to-back Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actress in a drama series.

    If that wasn’t impressive enough, Danes was pregnant during the shooting of the entire second season, though her character was not. Using camera angles and wardrobe adjustments, scenes were strategically shot to make Danes appear as if she was not carrying a child.

    The two-time Emmy winner is going to again prove what a working mother can accomplish when Homeland airs Sunday nights this fall on Showtime.

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    1. kseabrook
      October 3, 2013 at 2:23 pm

      Great article. Ive never watched or heard about this series before but from what i read in your article it sounds like a good watch. You gave me a basic report on the previous seasons to kind of catch me. You gave me what time it comes on and everything. i might have to check out the show myself.

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