• Students Say “No” To iOS 7

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    The iOS 7 update brings a whole new design into view, changing the way Apple products will be used, but some users are not impressed.

    A control center brings easy access to convenient apps such as Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, brightness, and even an added flashlight feature. The camera application now has a ‘square’ option, automatically cropping the photo and giving the option of filters.

    The control center makes it easier to access useful applications. PHOTO/ Amanda Siciliano

    Newer features aimed to make Apple products such as the iPhone easier to use, but many users are frustrated with the negative effects this new update has had on their phones performance. The biggest issue with iOS 7 is the battery life , students say.

    “I can leave my room with my battery at one-hundred percent and without using any applications I’m down to eighty percent in about 15 minutes.” says Danielle Cannizaro, sophomore student at Ramapo College.

    Apple’s aim to make an simpler, easier to use software backfired on many of the users. According to a recent Forbes article, over 200 million Apple users updated to iOS 7 on their iPhones and iPads.

    Music is now automatically downloaded onto a device once it is plugged into a computer with iTunes. Many users are aggravated with this, not wanting to waste space on music they do not want on their phones. This leaves users wondering why this particular change was necessary.

    “I only like certain playlists on my iPhone”, says Doug Hervey, junior communications major at Ramapo College. “Putting all my music onto my phone takes up all the space I would use for apps”.

    And the music application plays the wrong songs. Many students complain that the built-in application will skip songs automatically, and often present to wrong artist and song title for the song being played.

    Still many users loved this update and never want to go back.

    “Everything I want is right where I need it,” says Rachel Herrick, junior at Ramapo College. “I love all the new camera features and the design looks light and fresh.”

    This new Apple update seems to have more cons than pros for the iPhone.

    “If I could go back I probably wouldn’t update my phone” Cannizaro says. “It was fine the way it was and if I had known the problems I was going to have with the new software I would definitely choose not to update.”

    [AUDIO:Listen to an iphone user talk about the software.]

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    1. kmoelle
      October 3, 2013 at 2:16 pm

      Great article. The quotes for both the pros and cons of the update really round out the article. The only thing that I feel it could use would maybe be some input from someone who works for apple or is at least very knowledgeable regarding their software, both old and new.

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