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    The BCS (Bowl Championship series) conference commissioners announced last year that they wanted to create a playoff system instead of having the top two teams play for the national championship.

    The new postseason system will take effect on the start of the 2014-15 college football season. The NCAA committee will choose three sites for the six-bowl semifinal games. They will also be choosing a site for the first championship game, which is projected to be held on Jan. 12, 2015.

    ”I’m glad it has [been competative],” said Mark Radil, a senior here at Ramapo College.. “ I played football in high school and know how competitive it is, I think it will give us a better outcome.”


    Premiere Sports Management in Overland Park, Kan., was hired to help come up with a name and brand the new system which will entail a new look, giving the NCAA teams and fans something exciting to look forward to.

    The Race for a national championship is the main goal for every college football team. Its usually the top 25 teams that are the front runners for the BCS bowl. Does this allow an equal chance for every team. “its almost like if you lose one or two games then your cut from the contention of playing at the biggest stage in college football” said Josh Danielle, a junior student athlete here at Ramapo College. “Having a legit playoff system can spice things up and give most of the top 25 teams to play for the biggest bowl in college football.

    According to the NCAA website, the new postseason format will create two national semifinals that will be played New Year’s Eve or on New Year’s Day…good Three of the most known semifinal spots have already been decided: the Rose, Orange and Sugar bowls.

    There are a few other bowls that have bid for the final three spots. The clear front-runners are the Cotton, Chick-fil-A and Fiesta.

    These decisions will be announced as soon as this year’s college football season comes to an end sometime around January according to the NCAA.



    BCS Bowl trophy

    Does every team have an eqaul chance to play on the biggest stage?

    Coaches View

    Most coaches fear that //they’re bowl ranking won’t carry any weight compared to others. On ESPN early morning, coaches from the Big 12′s spring teleconference were already talking about the Cotton Bowl having a spot in the rotation as if it was a done deal.

    “I see no wrong in a playoff system” said Coach Chuck McBreen, head coach for the men’s basketball team here a Ramapo.

    ” The first semifinals will be played at the Rose and Sugar bowls.

    The site of the first national championship game in the new playoff system will also be determined at these meetings and the finalists are The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the billion-dollar home of the NFL team and the Cotton Bowl, and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., home of the Buccaneers.

    Arlington is the favorite to land that first championship game.

    According to the NCAA site, Commissioner for the Big 12 conference Bob Bowlsby stated, ”The hardest thing is making sure we’re arming whoever is on the committee with the tools that it takes to differentiate among closely proximal teams.”He added that, ”You have to have some metrics available to differentiate between three, four, five, six and seven.

    ”You can’t just say we like blue uniforms and not gold uniforms. You’ve got to arm the committee with the tools that it takes to do their job,” he said.




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    1. jschwarz
      October 3, 2013 at 2:21 pm

      This is a good story on a subject that was controversial for a long time. I am personally in agreement with the committee and think the playoff system will work well for college football. Your subhead is a good transition to the story, but I think it would stand out more if it was in bold. One thing I think I would want to know more about is the opinions of some who oppose this change. I never understood why college football went with the bowl system and I’d be interested to hear their side of the story.

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