• Technical Difficulties delay Campus Radio from being On-Air this semester

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    After finally renovating the entire layout of the studio, it appears that Ramapo College’s campus radio station WRPR is still experiencing some technical difficulties that may keep the station temporarily off-air for the start of the Fall semester.

    According to WRPR Staff General Manager Max Liebman, it was made apparent to him as well as WRPR’s staff that the station’s FM connection has been taken out completely by the developing construction directly outside of G-Wing of the campus’ Academic Complex.

    “I was really disappointed when I first heard the news about this,” Liebman said. “This is my senior year and not only do I want to have a  radio show, but I want to provide all the incoming interested members with the same experience.”

    The student run campus radio station gives students the opportunity to tune-in to various student radio shows online as well as gaining access to listen through its FM station 90.3.

    Before the G-Wing construction took place, the station fully bounced back last spring after the station’s renovation process was delayed for 9 months; which prevented students from having their own radio shows in the Fall 2012 Semester.

    Countless road blocks continue to develop as Liebman received word from WRPR’s faculty adviser that the station’s online streaming connection is now out of service.

    According to Liebman, the station is now waiting for extra sets of equipment to be sent to the station, in order to properly re-set-up  the station’s online feed to become compatible with its equipment.

    WRPR General Manager Max Liebamn showing perceptive recruits how to run the station’s mixing board while undergoing their training. (PHOTO/Ryan McGrath)


    In the mean time, Liebman held training sessions with perspective students who expressed interest in having a radio show this semester immediately after WRPR’s only general interest meeting of the semester that took place on Sept. 23; in hopes that the station would be all ready to go by early October.

    This semester, incoming transfer student Brad Rosenberg, 21, expressed immediate interest in being involved with WRPR right after signing up to join crew at the campus’ annual club fair a few weeks back.

    Even hough the station’s online feed still remains down, that hasn’t discouraged his enthusiasm about being involved with WRPR.

    “Even if I can’t get in a show this Fall, of course I would love to try again next semester,” Rosenberg said. “Everyone on the staff seems to be extremely awesome and I wouldn’t want to just not be apart of this brand new group of insanely talented people.”

    With brief experience in the station under his belt last semester, Sophomore Tom Chupela, 19, emphasized on the benefits of providing a proper online connection with the campus radio station.

    “It really bummed me out to find out that the station’s online connection was down because i feel like the majority of the listeners are from the online stream,” Chupela said. “Not everyone has an actual radio on campus, and the radio does not travel that far, so it’s nice to have the online stream to make it easier for anyone anywhere to tune in.”

    Though he was disheartened by this news, however, Chupela doesn’t seem to be worried about WRPR’s connection being down for a long time.

    “I think the bugs will be worked out soon and we’ll be able to start having some awesome shows,” Chupela said.


    Even though the perspective WRPR members remain hopeful and eager to get into the studio to start their shows right away, Liebman said that obtaining the newer equipment is still a waiting process.

    “We are still waiting for the part and then our engineer will come in install it for us and that should do it,” Liebman said. “We were hoping it would be done by sometime after next week at the very least.”

    Liebman said that once the online stream is fixed, Dj’s will be notified immediately so they can start their shows this semester.

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    2 Responses to Technical Difficulties delay Campus Radio from being On-Air this semester

    1. Josh
      October 10, 2013 at 4:15 pm

      Ryan- Very well-written article. Your subheads let the piece flow nicely and gives the reader a good idea of where the story is going. I also like that you included a link to a sample stream of what the radio station does. I think there are a couple of ways you can optimize your headline. I would definitely include ‘Ramapo’ and ‘WRPR’ in the headline because I think that’s what people would be searching for.

    2. avigna
      October 10, 2013 at 4:17 pm

      I loved the article, and I found out a lot about WRPR that I never knew about. I actually never listened to WRPR, but it has piqued my curiosity. I would love to give them a listen as soon as they come back. For the title of the article, “WRPR Radio’s technical difficulties delays it from being On-Air this semester” might be best for search engine optimization. It’s more specific, and given that this is a the Ramapo Record, people that read the site will know what WRPR is.

      I’d love to see a follow-up story. Although I know it’s impossible at this juncture, since we are done with articles, it would be cool to see what WRPR is up to when they come back into commission.

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