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    With no clear release date in site as Google continue to delay until 2014, consumers all around the world are anxious to hear about what promises to be the first step towards the future of smart technology: the Google Glass.


    Google Glass is a new hands-free operating system through glasses. From shooting photos to getting directions, Glass was invented to get people to interact with each other more, instead of constantly looking down at a phone or computer.


    The basic design of the groundbreaking computer is that of an average pair of glasses, with a display projected directly in front of the user’s eye.


    The Glass features a mounted camera, which is capable of shooting videos in 720p (high definition), the same resolution as the average iPhone 4 and 5, which also shoot in 720p HD, according to the official website.


    The side of the Glass features a touchpad, which helps users navigate the operating system.


    Much like the Apple and Android devices, the Glass’ operating system uses applications that the user will now be able to experience right in front of their eyes.


    Glass comes with the basic Google apps, but will also feature third-party developers (non-Google software developers) to add apps to their market.


    The official Glass website uses examples such as GPS and face-to-face web chat, where the users can see what the other is seeing.


    WATCH: What it actually looks like to see through the Google Glass



    Google Glass also is controlled with voice commands and a touchscreen on the side of device. By simply stating “Ok Glass”, the device will listen to the user’s commands and act accordingly.


    The first model, named the “Explorer Edition”, also contains features such as an ambient light detector, which will adjust the image the user sees according to how light or dark the room they are in is.


    With the release of this groundbreaking new technology, many business owners and citizens have concerns about privacy, an issue which always has consumers worried.


    Precuations Taken Prior to Realse of Glass


    According to the Search Engine Journal, a number of places inlcuding bars, restaurants, casinos, classrooms, and banks have already decided to ban Google Glass from their premises before they have been released.


    Glass will not be permitted for use in cars , though Mercedes Benz has anticipated the device’s arrival and integrated Google Glass into its 2014 models.


    Many business owners opt for the ban for security reasons.


    “I agree with the owner’s decision to dis-allow them on the premises,” Daniel Viegas, 24, a waiter a Homer’s Restaurant in Sparta, says.


    “While they look cool and fun to have, they could be used in a way that could disrupt things here and be a breach of people’s privacy,” Viegas says.


    Privacy is endagered due ease of taking discreet photos or videos. Taking a photo with the Google Glass is as simple as touching your finger to the frame of the glasses. It is as silent as tapping your pinkie finger on a table.


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    Many businesses that are banning the device will have visible signs at the entrance showing the user that use of Google Glass will not be permitted to enter.


    “In the not too distant future you will see everybody wearing Google Glasses.” Mike Spekhardt, 22,  a TCNJ student, says.


    Spekhardt says that the country will eventually adapt to the Glass like it has with the iPhone.


    “Right now, everyone is scared of the Glass’ capabilities and rightfully so.” Spekhardt says. “It was the same way when iPhones came out, and now if you look around everybody has one.


    Thoughts on Google Glass


    Controversies arise as Google begins to introduce Glass. While many disagree with this new technology, many more are excited for its arrival.


    “It scares me to think that one day we will be so blinded by technology that we may forget what it’s like to see the world from a human perspective instead of a computer’s,” Jennifer Rose, 22 from Hawthorne N.J. says.


    Based on the poll provided by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, roughly one third of voters are fine with Google glass, while about one third are given the “heebee jeebees”.


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    According to mom of three, Jessica Andersen, 35 from North Haledon N.J., says how the security breach keeps her up at night.


    “I don’t want anyone taking photos of my children,” Andersen says. “My job is to protect my family, and now I feel like I can’t.”


    Google created a Facebook fan page in which users can see where Glass can be relevant and useful.


    With over 15,000 likes, Google shows the pros about wearing the Glass in unique situations.  From Glass walking the Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards, to watching venomous snakes Glass proves to be an intriguing advancement.


    College student Ellen Camacho, 19 from William Patterson University says how the technological advancement is awe-inspiring and a step closer to World Peace.


    “Glass will be the best thing that happened to the world,” Camacho says. “No one will be able to get away with crime, everyone will have an opportunity to visually show their unique points of view, and the world could become a better place because walking a mile in someone’s shoes just got easier.”

    [LISTEN: A 22-year-old consumer gives her opinion on the Google Glass]



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      What’s with all the spaces?

      Optimized headline: Unreleased Google Glass Has a Make or Break Reputation in New Jersey

      I enjoyed seeing all different opinions from possible users of the Glass. There should be more than one subhead, particularly separating the pros from the cons. This article also needs some serious grammatical editing. The multimedia is a nice touch, but the content needs to be better organized so that readers are able to read what they’re searching for.

    2. jwrixon
      October 10, 2013 at 4:15 pm

      This article really helped me learn a lot about the google glass. One thing I really enjoyed reading is that mercedes already started incorporating the google glass in with their products. I also really like how you got thoughts on a mother because these glasses could be a families worst nightmare when it comes to keeping a family safe. One thing I would have added is maybe the affect these glasses can have on the health of the users eyes. Also comparing the glasses to the iphone (which has more, what can’t you get on the glasses that you can on the iphone?)

      Headline: Google Glass Raising Mixed Emotions Before Release Date

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