• New Dynamic ‘Prezi’ Presentations Rise in Popularity

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    Prezi Presentations Logo: A new, creative form of presenting.

    A new system that generates a new way of presenting information, has skyrocketed to 26 million users, and 500 million viewers in the past four years.

    Prezi Presentations are a creative way to easily present an idea, project, or story. Students, teachers, and business men and women around the world are turning to the new online system to ‘wow’ their audiences.

    “The first time i used Prezi, i thought it was complicated and immature,” business owner Jonathan Cook, 26 from N.J. says. “In reality, it’s a professional, artistic way of having a three dimensional presentation and getting the message across accurately.”

    “Prezi is a virtual whiteboard that transforms presentations from monologues into conversations: enabling people to see, understand, and remember ideas,” Prezi creators say.

    The ability to easily flow through one topic to the next keeps students engages, employers seeking more, and gives users the ease and comfort of having all their work online. A presenter only has to log in and press play.

    The demographic reaches students primarily, but is expanding into the work world due to the powerful ways a presentation can be shown.

    Prezi’s population is due to the straightforward ability to allow anyone to create a compelling presentation. It’s a stress-free way of combining photos, videos, audio, and words to thoroughly say what a presenter desires. While Power Point limits you to a white slide, Prezi gives a large blank canvas that can be presented two dimensionally or three dimensionally.

    “I had so many interviews for my business pitch where i used regular Power Point Slides,” Cook says, “but when i began to use Prezi, my presentations flowed better, i was more comfortable presenting, i could occasionally hear the “oohs and ahhs” giving me the confidence i needed to continue on.”

    Prezi gives the option of creating online or offline, sharing from anywhere, and collaborating with a team from either across nations or next door.

    How does Prezi Work? 

    Prezi is an online presentation program that allows a user to use online content (YouTube videos, photos, etc.) to creatively incorporate them in an easy, fun presentation.

    Prezi goes as far as presenting important business meetings, school lectures or projects, art portfolios, and even the new “prez-umes“, or online, Prezi, resumes. Prezi allows for a presentation to be three dimensional and dynamic.

    Located in San Francisco and Budapest, Prezi continues to expand and explore new ways of communicating.

    Prezi is available for iPhones and iPads for mobility and an easy way to create and view a presentation on the go.

    Prezi and Academics

    For over a decade, Power Point was the effortless way to put together a book report or lecture notes for class, but now with the ability to engage audiences, schools have accepted Prezi into their classrooms and the results have been positive.

    “The first time i used Prezi to present my project on global warming, my classmates and teachers were in awe,” Nikki Gvoth, 20 from North Haledon, N.J. says. “I didn’t have to stand there see my class fall asleep, i got to confidently present the global warming topic and actually show how passionate i was about it.”

    Prezi helps students and teachers creatively engage their audiences through a simple presentation program.

    Many teachers have turned to Prezi for the easy and fun way to educate their students.

    “Sleeping is never an option in my class with Prezi,” Mary Centrella, 35 from Montclair N.J. says. “As a high school teacher i know my students are prepared for boring PowerPoint slides with bullets, but with Prezi, i keep the students engaged even in the most boring topic! Every time i click the arrow for the next slide, the students are stunned and inspired.”

    According the the American Psychological Association, the best way students learn is when they have the will to learn new material. Giving students a dynamic lecture with pictures and videos helps them easily absorb material and experience what is being taught.

    “I am certain that my students’ grades are better since i have been using Prezi,” Centrella says.

    [AUDIO: Listen to Stephanie, 22, speaks on how Prezi helped her at Harvard!]



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    2 Responses to New Dynamic ‘Prezi’ Presentations Rise in Popularity

    1. avigna
      October 17, 2013 at 2:26 pm

      Good story. I enjoyed your use of in line links, videos, photos, and even audio. It was a very interactive story suitable for the internet.

      I wish you told us more about Jonathan Cook! He seems like an interesting person, and I would have liked to have known what kind of business owner he is. That way, I could be able to paint the picture of what he needs Prezi for.

      Other than that, great work!

    2. Adriah
      October 17, 2013 at 2:27 pm

      Very explanatory. Good use of links and quotes. A little bit of errors in grammar and spelling however it was a well detailed story.

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