• Halloween Costumes: What’s Hot & What’s Not

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    What do Duck Dynasty, Miley Cyrus and Minions all have in common? Nothing besides they are all in the top ten halloween costumes for 2013.

    Top Costumes

    Popular culture played a huge role in the top costume this year, which put some of the classics to shame, like the sey nurse, sexy cop and sexy devil. This year’s popular costumes were based off of some big theme or topic from earlier in the year. According to Google’s shopping data for Halloween, the top ten costumes searches for 2013 were: Minion, Breaking Bad, Fox, Duck Dynasty, Miley Cyrus, Minecraft, Daenerys, Batman, Great Gatsby and Daft Punk.

    According to the Huffington Post, the google search data shows that all popular costumes were based after shows or memes, populaer pictures with captions posted on social media.

    Miley Cyrus had an eventful year and with all the media surrounding her and her twerking, it’s no surprise she made the top list. Google searches showed that “The Great Gatsby” search were highest in New York and California; the trendy cities.

    Duck Dynasty became one of the top viewed shows this year. The main characters of the cast all have long beard and hair wearing bandanas and camouflage. This made for an easier costume. Party stores do sell the costumes, but the wardrobe made for an easy make-it-yourself costumes.

    A new trend, the fox came from the new song craze “What Does the Fox say” has been responsible for millions of memes, vines and other social media trends in the past few months. The joke and funky beat behind the song has millions dressing up as their own spin on a fox.

    Party Fair employee, Amber Updike, said she saw a lot of new things this year. “Kids and adults aren’t wearing the things you see every Halloween. We sold a lot of Ninja Turtle, Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars themed costumes. A lot of older stuff.”

    It seems that even older popular shows Monsters Inc., Pirrates of the Carribean and classic super hero shows had a big influence on this years costumes. People have been buying costumes of their favorite old time movie charaters.

    “This year everyone seemed to like the costumes that had to do with something big in 2013. The plain costumes that are just objects or everyday people didn’t sell much, we have so many of them left,” said Updike.



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