• Students Wonder if ‘Les Miserables’ Revival Will Sell

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    “Les Miserables” is making its way back to the stage for a third time, but is this revival too much?

    After countless productions all over the world and the recent movie version, the buzz of “Les Miserables” was at a high. Many fell in love with the story all over again, but others are finished with this musical, wishing it would not come back this March of 2014.

    “Les Miserables” is set in France during the French Revolution.  A man, Jean Valjean, is sent to jail for stealing bread to feed his sisters son. When released, he must take on a new identity to live as a free man. His parole officer, Javert, constantly chases after him in hopes that justice will finally be served.

    “Les Miserables is a timeless musical” says Renee Bruno, who has been in a production of the musical before. “Anyone can relate to the sentiments and life lessons it teaches, and that is why with each revival it gets so much attention and appreciation”.

    More than 53 million people around the world have seen “Les Miserables” since its first performance in 1987 at the Broadway Theater in New York. When the movie version premiered in 2012 starring actors Hugh Jackman, Russell Crow, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfreid, it grossed $27.2 million the first weekend, and by late March reached over $148 million. Bringing the musical back to Broadway will either be a financial success, or major flop, observers say.

    Students Thoughts

    The movie version starred many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. PHOTO/ Amanda Siciliano

    “Depending on how expensive the tickets are is the deciding factor of if I’ll go see it.” Says Danielle Cannizzaro. “Now that I have the DVD, seeing it on Broadway isn’t a necessity. I can watch in the comfort of my own home for free.”

    This is the sentiment for many other theater enthusiasts who are on the fence about seeing the revival.

    “I know the prices on these tickets are going to be insane,” says “Les Miserables” fan Courtney Renz, “If I see it at all, it will be long after it opens when the prices majorly drop.”

    “I already signed up to be notified when tickets are going on sale” says Bruno. “Every time you see it there’s something different that jumps out to you. I also want to see who will be casted in it and how it will compare to the other shows I’ve seen.”

    [Listen to Ramapo student on her thoughts on the success of “Les Miserables”]

    The estimated cost for tickets ranges from $67 to $227 according to the broadway.com box office. Prices do vary depending on date and time, but the premium seats come at a premium cost.


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    1. Ryan
      October 24, 2013 at 2:13 pm

      This story is straightforward with introducing “Les Miserables back to theater. What would be interesting to see maybe as a follow up or something to add to this story would be maybe talking to more people who have seen the musical version along with the movie adaptation and compare the two perspectives and see who like which version better and why. For the paragraphs that talk about the numbers that “Les Miserables” brought to the box office both the musical and the movie, you probably should add a subhead to lead into that transition. Also for the “Student’s Thoughts” subhead, you could also optimize it by saying “What do students prefer better: the movie or the play” or something a long those lines.

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