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    On Oct. 16, Democrat Cory Booker, ex-mayor of Newark, was elected the new senator of New Jersey, winning by a mere 10 percent against Steve Lonegan, the Republican mayor of small town Bogota.

    After votes were tallied on Monday evening, the results showed that Booker won the election, gaining 55 percent of votes when Lonegan earned 44 percent of votes, making that a total of 99 percent of voters.

    The ex-mayor of Newark will be taking the seat of Sen. Frank Lautenberg, the Democratic Senator who passed away last June.

    Booker and Lonegan went head to head with in several contentious debates with each of their views being the complete opposite side on the political spectrum. Although they disagreed, Booker had more of a progressive, conversationalist approach.

    Booker and Lonegan during a debate PHOTO/northjersey.com

    Booker provided an insight that is more modern and accepting, one being pro-choice and accepting gay marriage. Lonegan, a Tea Party Candidate, had more of a conservative view when it comes to things like abortion, gay marriage and global warming.

    “This was the first time I ever voted for senator and as a democrat, I obviously voted for Cory Booker,” said Rachel Irizarry of Hillsdale. The 21-year-old took this opportunity to explain why she chose Cory Booker for her first senate election.

    Senate Views From Young Minds

    “Booker has a lot more modernistic views compared to Lonegan. Booker wants to work things out, stands up for what is right and, I believe, is the voice that we want to be heard. He seems like he’s really looking out for people that need the help that he could potentially provide if elected,” she added. “His twitter scandal doesn’t affect my vote.”

    For the part of New Jersey that hasn’t been following the election or doesn’t participate in politics, nj.com posted a compare and contrast article on the two, telling a major issue and their different thoughts on that issue. Some of these issues include the economy, the affordable care act, gun laws, education, and government shutdown, among many others.

    “I don’t follow politics because I don’t find it interesting. The nj.com website really helped me figure out who was fighting for what and who I would side with if politics was something in my interest,” said a long time River Vale Resident, Danielle Eichenbaum.

    “The website explained to me that Cory Booker shares a lot of the same beliefs I do and wants a lot of changes I would like to see New Jersey experience,” added Eichenbaum. “I would vote for him also because of his experience. Booker is Mayor of the huge city of Newark while Lonegan has experience with being the mayor of the small town of Bogota; Booker’s experience blows Lonegan out of the water.”

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