• Rehab Assists Student Athletes to Nurse Injuries

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    Student athletes are torn between the demands to be great at their sport along with their school work. Student athlete Elvonney Poole, a senior basketball player talks about his passion for the sport and how he manages the long hours of practice and also maintains his studies.

    Poole suffered an injury to his knee, which he tore his ACL where he now has about a 4-inch scar on his knee. He talks about how he maintains both while also emphasizing that basketball is his life.

    I   rehab, student athletes are taken through a process before games and practices such as warm-up, and special techniques for injury –  even if it means leaving classes early which can hinder their performance that they feel is all worth it.

    Another student athlete Jermaine Emmanuel reflects on his struggles to balance between school work. In his interview, Emmanuel also talks about his leg injury and his journey on how he rehabilitated afterwards in order to continue his athletic passion as a basketball player at Ramapo College.

    These student athletes talk about how passionate and dedicated they are to their sport which gives them the ability to be great and focused on what they do.

    Poole shows great compassion in talking about the NJAC, which is the New Jersey Athletic Conference that he refers to as being all worth it through the blood, sweat, and tears of being a student athlete.

    These student athletes have given it their all in order to accomplish goals as a team and also their individual passions and goals.

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