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    New Jersey is more than the state of fist-pumping and guidos. Actually, much of New Jersey is not that way at all, and most of its citizens are not fans of that association. Some viewers are hoping a new show will change the state’s image.

    Oct. 4 marks the date of the infamous Jersey Shore’s season premiere. This will be the show’s sixth and final season. With the Shore out of the way, people are hoping New Jersey can get a better reputation.

    “I think it’s given us a bad reputation,” said N.J. resident Alyssa Covello. “Whenever people ask if we’re from New Jersey they look back and they think we’re very trashy and they think of the Jersey Shore and they think of Snooki and we’re really not like that at all.”

    This fall, as one Jersey show goes out, another comes in. Cue CBS’s Made in Jersey.

    Made in Jersey stars Janet Montgomery as Martina Garretti, a Jersey girl who lands herself a job in a high-profile Manhattan law firm.

    Garetti uses her street-smarts and style from back home to make her impression on the big name company. It almost seems like a “jersey-fied” twist on the popular comedy, Legally Blonde, with a bit of Marisa Tomei’s role in My Cousin Vinny.

    Yes, her family is Italian. Yes, they eat a lot and have loud accents, and yes, Garretti has big hair with a slight poof. But this seems to be more of a story of success and family values.

    The Garretti Family. PHOTO/cbs.com

    Montgomery shared positive thoughts on her empowering character Martina Garretti

    “She is smart. She is resourceful. She is a female lead of a show that isn’t looking for love. That’s not her priority,” said Montgomery in an interview with HITFIX. “She embodies a lot of what the older generation like my mom’s generation have made possible for women to be both feminine and have a position of power like an associate in a law firm. She is great to play.  She says what she thinks before she thinks it through. She is such a great character.”

    “Jersey Shore” was good for making people laugh. It was a trashy show with young kids making fools of themselves, according to critics.

    “I’ve definitely watched the show, but just because it’s funny and ridiculous. It’s actually really embarrassing for us in New Jersey though,” said Covello.

    Shows like the Style Network’s Jerseylicious and Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey kept up the Jersey Shore tradition. There were catfights and cheetah print and extensions being pulled in each.

    Some Jersey residents hope that Made in Jersey will give the state a better name.

    “I hope the new show can change people’s minds on what they think about New Jersey because we definitely need a different outlook and a new image,” said Kerry Wooldridge of Ramapo College of New Jersey. “I’m a little worried that [Garretti] sort of looks the part like the other shows but that doesn’t mean she’ll act that way. We’ll see.”

    The new series will air on Friday, Sept. 28 at 9:00 p.m.


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    2 Responses to New Jersey on TV, Take Two

    1. Anthony
      September 27, 2012 at 3:16 pm

      I thought this was well written without any bias. It gave insight into how the new show was getting away from the theme that New Jersey is a trashy place, while still reminding the reader that the stereotype is still present in other shows. It was clearly well researched, as there was information from many sources, while making it clear that there is a hope from New Jersey residents that this new show will change the view of people about residents from here. It provided a good preview for the new show being that it hasn’t made its debut yet. The quotes really strengthened the story.

    2. Kristen Garafano
      September 27, 2012 at 3:18 pm

      Your lead was interesting and pulled my attention in, making reading your story enjoyable. The quotes you included gave great insight into how people from New Jersey feel about past and new shows. I also liked how you included a quote from an interview with the main actress in the show, because it shows you did your research. Your style of writing and placement of quotes made the story flow and kept me wanting to read more. Your article made me want to watch this show to see if it gets rid of the NJ stereotype!

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