• Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Gets the Boot

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    Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine gets ejected from the clubhouse, Thursday, Oct. 4,, after only one year of being in contract.

    Based on the 69-93 record, the worst in almost 50 years for Red Sox Nation, the management demanded a change. According to the Huffington Post, since Valentine went into power, the Red Sox were left for last place, 26 games out, and did not qualify for the playoffs for the third year in a row.

    In any sport, the manager is set to be the leader of the pack, but without leadership, a consistent failing record led to the overall destruction of the team.

    Going back to the time of Babe Ruth originally being “The Bambino” for the Red Sox, getting traded to the Yankees, ultimately led the beginning of the ongoing rivalry amongst the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Since then, the competition has grown between the two teams, leaving fans questioning potential outcome for each season.

    “The Red Sox have always been a popular team in the MLB,” 21 year old, Boston, MA resident and fan of the team, Donna Marino, said. “This year it was like a whole different team. I feel it’s not just based off of Valentine only, but he was definitely a big part of it.”

    What Led To Failure

    The Inquisitr, a news advertising site stated that, Valentine failed to get along with various coaches, struggled to maintain relationships between the players, had poor communication to the media, and the approach for on-field strategies worsened as the season went underway.

    Valentine failed as a manager throughout his Major League career, his worst season being affiliated with the Red Sox. According to, ESPN.go.com/boston, Valentine had lack of stability and control over the clubhouse. His players appeared disorganized, and he tended to clash with Boston media.

    For any team, tension can build between management and the players. Valentine was the example of such conduct, another huge downfall for the general season for the team.

    “If there are conflicts between players and the manager can’t keep control of it like Valentine failed to do, there was no doubt the Red Sox were going to crumble,” Marino said.

    Bobby Valentine gets fired from the Boston Red Sox after one year of contract.

    What Yankee Fans Are Saying

    New York and New Jersey fans are archrivals of the Red Sox and New York Yankee fans are becoming skeptical for the upcoming season.

    “I’m not surprised he got fired,” Yankee fan, 21 year old, Katie Bruno, said. “He didn’t get the job done he needed to do so he deserved it. I think the Yankees should always look at the Red Sox as competition.”

    In hopes of getting back a winning record, the Huffington Post states, general manager Ben Cherington is looking into gaining Toronto Blue Jays manager, John Farrell, someone “who can bring stability into the office, and “one who can establish a culture in the clubhouse that allows players to perform, and sets a standard.”

    “If the Red Sox find the right manager, they might be competition for the Yankees,” said 23 year old, Kim Mandara, a Yankee fan. “It’s always fun that way because of the rivalry. The Red Sox will always be competition for the Yankees so you never really know what’s going to happen next season.”

    “The Red Sox will be out for blood next season,” Bruno added. “They will probably re-vamp everything, so we should watch out, but I still don’t think the Yankees have to worry that much.”

    AUDIO: Ramapo junior, Joe Netti reaction to the firing of Red Sox manager, Bobby Valentine.

    VIDEO: Watch as Bobby Valentine gets interviewed and see his reaction towards getting the boot from baseball. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLqDvt-h9is

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      SEO Headline: “Red Sox Manager Valentine Fired After One Season” or “Red Sox Manager Valentine Fired Following Disastrous Season”

      Possibly: “Red Sox Manager Valentine Fired; Yankee Fans React”

      Good sources, good audio of fan reaction and video of Valentine’s reaction.

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