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    The Ramapo Record  is a class project of Communication Arts at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

    Journalism is undergoing a major transformation in the Information Age. The Internet and mobile technologies are changing the way consumers get their news and information. News organizations are moving to converged operations to deliver news and information on-demand in print, online, television and radio.

    Reporters apply the basic journalistic tenets and news values in story development, but they also have more tools available to tell stories: text, audio, video, still images, among other interactive elements.

    This increasing interactivity is making news more of a conversation between reporters and users. Participatory or citizen journalism is now involving user reports, blogs, video in the news process. Web content is more viral and interactive with the growth of social networking sites.

    Portable technology is making it easier for the reporter to work as  mobile journalists, who reports and files stories on the spot using laptops, cellphones, PDAs and other wireless devices.

    Students in this class learn how to take their stories deeper online to give users an active experience.

    Prof. Edna Negrón

    Professor, Journalism

    Ramapo College of New Jersey

    School of Contemporary Arts


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