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    The students of  Reporting and Producing Online News give their own opinions on a variety of topics.

    “Reality Stars Overpaid” by Katie Bruno.

    “One High School Loses Three Too Many” by Chris Emch.

    “Fisher v. University of Texas Raises Questions about Affirmative Action” by Gabrielle Mondo.

    Public “Safety?” by Elina Tarkazikis.

    “Here, the Good Guy Doesn’t Always Win” by Ashley Intveld.

    “Lack of Success for The Bachelor/Bachelorette Couples” by Casey Holstein.

    “Women, Binders and the 2012 Presidential Election” by Kaylee Lazarro.

    ” Two good modern horror films from a non-fan” by Jonathan Mallon.

    “Hockey Fans Upbeat About Latest CBA Proposal” by Anthony Smith.

    “Presidential Candidates: 6 of 1/2 dozen of the other” by Virginia DiBianca.

    ” Technology and Relationships”  by Lauren Magenta.

    “Following Debate, Social Media Explosion Can’t Be Ignored” by Kristen Garafano.

    “Passion for Fashion During Football Season” by Krista Salinardi.






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