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    Head Coaches: The Scapegoat for a Bad Team

    by  • April 22, 2013 • Sports • 1 Comment


    By FRANK DAPOLITO Every new season of sports has its stories. There are good teams, and there are bad teams. The good teams are praised in every aspect, while bad teams are ridiculed. When a team fails, it is hard to find the quintessential reason for why the team did not perform so well. but...

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    Switching Majors a Major Concern for College Students

    by  • October 11, 2012 • News • 4 Comments

    Grads look forward to the uncertain future.

    Uncertainties plague college students’ minds when the fear of a declared major may lead to major downfalls post-graduation. By ASHLEY INTVELD When high school graduates toss their cap into the air, it is the traditional symbol of moving onto a new academic future. But like the cap that’s just out of reach, their futures are increasingly...

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    Employers Comb Social Media Sites for Prospective Employees

    by  • October 3, 2012 • Features, Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    This file photo from the U.S. Department of state shows a workplace supervisor engaging in use of social media. (Photo/State Department/Public Domain)

    By ANTHONY SMITH As Ramapo students get closer to graduation, the prospect of finding a full-time job will become an ever-growing burden on them. Social media becoming more popular by the second, employers are going to Facebook and other sites to conduct background checks on prospective employees. The Ponemon Institute, a research institution that focuses on...

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