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    Nation Feels Impact of Government Shutdown

    by  • October 24, 2013 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    Liberty Island is open to the public again.

    By KELLY MOELLER, JOSH SCHWARZ and JASMINE DURSUN Since the last United States Government shutdown ended early in 1996, our ‘leaders’ on Capitol Hill have warned the nation plenty of times that it could happen again. It just so happens that they weren’t bluffing. On Oct. 1 of this year, the government shut itself down and...

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    Ramapo Students Discuss Military Intervention in Syria

    by  • September 25, 2013 • News • 0 Comments

    Jon Mangel, a twenty-year old political science major, is against military intervention in Syria from the United States. PHOTO/Anthony Vigna.

    By ANTHONY VIGNA President Obama caused debate amongst American citizens last week when he was proposing that the United States send military forces to retrieve chemical weapons from President Bashar al-Assad in war torn Syria. The civil war in Syria started to escalate when al-Assad’s regime killed thousands of people, hundreds of which were children, with...

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    Seniors Struggle with Health Care Costs

    by  • May 13, 2013 • Featured, News • 1 Comment

    By THOMAS DAVIS With the economy rising and dropping constantly, people are finding it difficult to keep their bills paid and health intact. Doctor visits alone can burn a whole in your pocket. Medicare is an outpatient and hospital medical plan for people who are older than 65. These people are mostly eligible if they...

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    President Obama’s State of the Union: Job Creation a Focus

    by  • February 21, 2013 • News • 2 Comments

    President Obama gives his speech on the state of the union. By VANESSA CAMARGO

    By VANESSA CAMARGO President Barack Obama called for more job creation and an increase in minimum wage to $9 an hour, in his State of the Union address on Jan. 29. Obama announced the launch of manufacturing houses to accelerate job creation. He proposed a Fix-It-First program that would put people to work on about 70,000 structurally deficient bridges across America. He also stressed that no...

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    College Students Express Strong Reactions Following First Debate

    by  • October 4, 2012 • News • 2 Comments

    President Obama and Governor Romney had their contrasting views on display on Wednesday night. (Photo/Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

    By ANTHONY SMITH WATCH: Replay of Entire Debate The first of three Presidential debates, between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney tackled jobs, defense cuts, taxes, healthcare, and the nation’s debt.  And viewers had mixed reaction about the candidates’ answers and demeanor. The Oct.3 debate took place at the University of Denver in Denver,...

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    Campaign fundraising has different strokes

    by  • October 3, 2012 • News • 1 Comment

    Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama

    By VIRGINIA DIBIANCA, CHRISTOPHER EMCH, KRISTEN GARAFANO, KAYLEE LAZZARO As the 2012 presidential election nears, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has regained momentum. The Obama campaign outraised the Romney campaign in the month of August for the first time in three months. According to Obama’s official re-election campaign website, the Obama campaign raised $114 million in August, while the...

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    The Many Shades of Green

    by  • September 19, 2012 • News • 0 Comments

    Americans ponder the value of candidates' focus on environmental issues in the upcoming election. Cartoon credit to artist Joel Pett.

    By ASHLEY INTVELD The Republican presidential  candidate stood in front of thousands of supporters to criticize his opponent’s environmental record. “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet.” Mitt Romney paused to let the laughter resonate. He raised his brow, looked left, then right, and smirked as the...

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